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Lostways Survival & Homestead LLC

Aberdeen, North Carolina

Paul Christopher

Paul Christopher grew up in Aberdeen, North Carolina, where his mother showed him how to make a gourmet meal from the wasted backbones thrown out from Uncle Archie's Fish House and where his father taught him that he could build a house from a pile of scrapped lumber and sheet metal. The youngest of four, his brothers shared their vast knowledge and experience in hunting and fishing , helping to supply food for their family's table. The woods was both his playground and his grocery store so climbing through the Boy Scouts was second nature to him.

From food procurement to preservation and blacksmithing to building, Paul grew up learning how to "make something from nothing," and what he now calls, the lost ways of life.

During his 22 years as a career fireman, Paul has been on several special teams including both Dive and Land Search Teams, as well as High Angle and Confined Space Rescue. It was through being a Fire Service Instructor that his passion for skill sharing grew which led him to share his own skillset in the outdoors: leading classes in homesteading, wilderness survival, self rescue, and bushcraft.

Paul is Co-Founder of Lostways Survival and Homestead alongside his wife, Becky Christopher. When Paul is not at his homestead in North Carolina, he can be found teaching across the country with various institutions and events such as Gerogia Bushcraft LLC, The Woodsrunner School, Old School Survival Bootcamp and The GatherThing. Paul has also curated courses and workshops inspired by his own life script, thus, encouraging others to share certain ways and traditions before they are lost.

Becky Christopher

Becky Christopher has always been an avid outdoorsman from the time she was young having spent much time in the woods with her father. When pursing a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and with a rescue squad, her passion for the outdoors grew leading employment with a SAR (Search and Rescue) team in the Blue Ridge Mountains and becoming Swiftwater certified . She primarily teaches Wilderness First Aid as she feels students should know how to care of both themselves and others. Becky loves taking her 22 years of EMS training and finding ways to apply it to the outdoors.

Becky has since moved to the Sandhills of North Carolina and is the Co-Founder of Lostways Survival and Homestead along with her husband, Paul Christopher. When she is not in North Carolina she can be found teaching across the country at various institutions such as Georgia Bushcraft LLC and The Woodsrunner School; as well as events such as Old School Survival Bootcamp, Georgia Bushcraft's Spring Campout and Fall Gathering, and The GatherThing in West Virginia. Becky has a vast knowledge of survival skills and enjoys teaching and working alongside others as they find their own path. You can also find Becky teaching classes on her own land in North Carolina.

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